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Spader Business Management is proud to partner with the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas to help boat dealers across the U.S. improve their business performance. Spader and MRAA's partnership dates back more than 20 years, but is expanding to offer more benefits for boat dealers today.

Profit Production Tools & Resources

Through an expanded relationship with Spader Business Management, MRAA members now have discounted access to Spader's TRUE* financial dashboards and Profit Production tools and resources. As the endorsed 20 Group provider of the MRAA, Spader knows how to help dealers succeed, and this resource is a great first step toward greater profitability. Spader offers a discounted price and half-priced set-up fee to MRAA members only. 

20 Groups

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas strives to create professional development opportunities for you and your employees through educational events, partnerships with 20 Group providers, and scholarships for furthering education.

Spader Business Management has been the endorsed 20 Group provider of the MRAA for more than 20 years. MRAA-endorsed 20 Groups provide an excellent avenue for dealers to take their education to another level. With peer-to-peer sharing of best practices and ideas for success as a foundation, 20 Groups offer financial analysis and trending that allow members to hone in on and remedy problem areas in their businesses in addition to creating additional revenue opportunities.


MRAA also offers educational scholarships.
• The Kevin Lodder Scholarship covers the tuition and provides a travel stipend for the recipient to attend Spader Business Management's Total Management Workshop.

Stronger Financials

It's important, in any economy, that you have a firm grasp on your financials. In this economy, it's absolutely critical.

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has made your access to stronger financials much easier. With an expanded partnership with Spader Business Management, your MRAA membership gives you access to discounted rates on Spader's Profit Production Package and the True® online dashboards reporting system.

Profit Production Package

The Profit Production Package offers two components to help you get a better grasp on your financial success.
  • Component 1 includes an evaluation and analysis of your dealership's financial statement. Spader will help you build a stronger chart of accounts and convert your P&L statement and balance sheet into a management-driven financial report format. Spader will then provide you with an assessment of your current financial performance as compared to Spader guidelines and industry aggregates.
  • Component 2 offers you access to an online profit production workshop and budgeting tool, with support from Spader Business Management. Participate in an online workshop where you will learn management concepts through a sample dealership case study as well as applying what you learn to your own numbers. You'll also learn how to create an annual profit plan at the total company level that addresses the key profitability areas. Following the workshop, all participants will have access to Spader's Online Quick Budget software tool, and Spader will be available for support.
Spader is offering an MRAA member discounted rate of $1,380, that's more than $1,000 off of the market value of both of these components purchased individually.

True* Dashboards

Once you have your annual and monthly profit plan in place, the next natural step is to monitor your actual results each month. Spader True* online dashboards will give you easy-to-interpret analyses of your numbers 24/7. With True*, you'll receive:
  •  Key financial statement reporting
  • True* dashboards that take you beyond the financial statements to include anticipated year-end forecasts for sales, margins and expenses, based on Spader's proven proprietary forward forecasting system
  • Numbers flagged red, yellow or green based on an analysis of your financial statement compared to Spader's guidelines
  • Your True* subscription also includes comparisons to industry aggregates and more in-depth Spader guidelines.
  • Spader provides support for technical questions as well as knowledgeable interpretation help via toll-free phone or email.
Spader is offering an MRAA discount of 50 percent off of the set-up fee for the True* dashboards.

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