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About the Acquisition of Jerkins Creative Consulting

In the farm equipment industry, there have been a myriad of consolidations among OEMs, suppliers, distributors, and dealers. Many consolidations have been designed to keep up with rapidly-changing markets. Others addressed the need to accumulate and develop the human and financial capital that is necessary to be one of the top players in the marketplace. Business continuation has also been a drive in the consolidation process. Both JCC and SBM believe that these same factors apply to the training / consulting segment of the farm equipment industry.

Therefore, effective September 23, 2015, Jerkins Creative Consulting will become part of Spader Business Management.

Spader Business Management has a heritage spanning almost 40 years, providing services to businesses and their people in multiple industries across the United States and Canada. Founded in 1976 when Duane Spader launched his first 20 Group, and now steered by his son and current company president, John Spader, SBM has grown to more than 35 employees and has worked with over 7,000 businesses in training, consulting, 20 Groups, and other products. Today SBM is recognized as a highly-valued resource that helps business leaders, owners, and employees succeed professionally and personally through their training, consulting, and management services and products.

Jerkins Creative Consulting has been providing dealer development services in the U.S. and Canada since 1991. Founded by Floyd Jerkins, JCC is a consulting and training company working with all brands of farm equipment dealers and OEMs. They are well-respected and have a history of integrity-based relationships. JCC serves hundreds of dealership teams each year through JCC Campus and peer-to-peer programs, facilitating dealership consolidations, managing large multi-store training programs, and working daily with equipment dealers.

By integrating JCC's key products and people, SBM can expand our offerings to better meet the needs of both companies' clients.


All JCC Campus courses in progress will be completed. Please refer to the Related Content links below to see more information on JCC Campus offerings that will be starting in the near future. Contact a Spader representative at or call 800.772.3377 to register today!

The JCC TalkBoard system will remain available - click here to access it:

JCC peer groups will continue to operate as usual, with new access to the Spader Online Services portal for meeting information as well as other communication and collaboration opportunities.

Each NPG member will have personal login credentials to access the Spader portal using the Login link above, or click here.