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Flat Rate Manuals and Software

Flat Rate billing can be the key for synchronizing sales, service, and accounting departments. Spader Flat Rates have been collected and averaged from hundreds of dealerships just like yours and include thousands of Flat Rated jobs in many categories.

Spader Flat Rates are available in the following formats

  1. The Flat Rate Manual in 3-ring binder
    • You can specify times, add allowances for parts or shop supplies, and write in total job prices
    • Individual pages are on Tyvek® paper that is very durable, even in your service environment
  2. Computerized Flat Rates Software and Spader Industry Data Files
    • Software package loads on your Windows®-based computer
    • Calculates labor prices
    • Data files available for your industry (sold separately)
    • Easily customize parts and shop supplies charges by percentage or dollar amounts
    • RVDA and Mercury Marine data available
  3. ASCII Flat Rate File
    • All the Spader flat rate information in a standard format
    • Use with non-Spader service software or spreadsheet program
    • RVDA and Mercury Marine data available
    • Entitles use at only one dealership


Each fall, Spader collects data from Flat Rate customers to use in creating the next year's update. Flat Rate customers are encouraged to participate and can receive substantial discounts on future updates.


Flat Rate Sample

Flat Rate samples* contain a table of contents and a few pages of actual flat rate data. Click the link below to view a Flat Rate sample for your industry.

Marine Flat Rate Sample (PDF)

Powersports Flat Rate Sample (PDF)

RV Flat Rate Sample (PDF)


Flat Rate File Layout

This document explains the file layout of Spader electronic flat rate files (Computerized Flat Rates and ASCII Flat Rate Files):

Flat Rate Data File Layout (PDF)


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