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Parts & Accessories Management Workshop

Transform your parts and accessories department into a fine-tuned profit center that manages inventory, sales and margins.

If you're like most businesses that handle loads of small-ticket inventory, your parts and accessories department is one area that struggles to be efficient. This workshop will give you the practical tools to manage parts and accessories in a coherent, predictable and profitable manner.

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You'll Leave Knowing

  • How to sell more parts and accessories, and why selling parts is different than selling accessories
  • How to create and manage a profit plan for the department
  • How to make logical buying decisions using a facts-based parts inventory plan with clear guidelines
  • How to determine the right inventory - without overstock - based on turnover and fill rates
  • How to increase sales and impulse buys by learning the top ways to display items  

Workshop at a Glance 

Key Agenda Items

Profit Planning: Build a parts and accessories profit plan and set monthly profit goals
  • One Dollar EmPOWERment®, the scorecard managers and employees can understand
  • Departmental expense ratio guidelines
  • How to project each type of part and accessory sale
  • Monitoring results with just four numbers 


Inventory: Learn key inventory principles for managing both hard parts and accessories inventories


  • Formulas for determining how much inventory you should stock
  • The two other reasons inventory turnover is important
  • Reducing obsolescence and controlling shrinkage
  • Managing the physical inventory process
  • Choosing what parts to stock
  • Why it's important to track lost sales and achieve the right fill rate


Pricing: How to design pricing and discounting systems that maintain margins while maximizing sales


  • How and when to discount parts and accessories
  • 5-15/20/25 pricing plan to maintain competitiveness and healthy gross margins
  • Option packages pricing


Merchandising and Marketing: Increase performance with an annual sales and merchandising plan


  • Sell more products with correct store layout
  • The seven basics of parts and accessories merchandising
  • Internal marketing for parts and accessories
People: How to understand and work with the four styles
  • Profile your own personal style and have a booklet to reference when working with others
  • How to recognize the four styles and work more effectively with each of them
  • The difference between a part and an accessory, and why it matters when selecting employees for this department
Pay Plans: Motivate employees toward department goals and reward them based on logical, results-driven, team-building incentives
  • A pricing and pay system that harnesses the power of the employees

Materials and Toll-Free Support

Each participant will receive a set of materials that includes the tools, processes, tips and forms needed for implementation and reference. You'll also receive toll-free support from a group of Spader Business Management specialists for any questions you might have when implementing what you've learned. 

Workshop Times

Days One and Two: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Day Three: 8:00 a.m. to Noon approximately

Please arrive 30 minutes early the first morning for registration.

Who Should Attend & Workshop Cost

  • Parts and accessories managers
  • Owner/general manager
  • Key parts and accessories people

1st Attendee - $1,895.00
2nd Attendee - $1,795.00
3rd+ Attendee - $1,695.00 

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