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Profit Planner Workbook - Add License

Profit Planner Workbook - Add License - PPW-Add

Refer to the Profit Planner Workbook item for a full description of the software. This price is for additional user licenses AT THE SAME BUSINESS LOCATION, on multiple networked computers, or separate computers.

Software Price, additional user license: $395 per license

Monthly Support: $10.00/month per license

Support is required, and is billed annually, in advance.

Support includes toll-free user support for budgeting help, technical questions and routine updates for error corrections. Future updates to the program incorporating new features are not included in support fees.

This price is for additional licenses (after the first two) AT THE SAME BUSINESS LOCATION, on one networked system, or on separate computers. Please contact Spader Business Management for special pricing available for software for multiple locations of the same business.

When ordering, you must choose the type of security device you wish to receive: USB or Parallel. Parallel devices work on any PC. USB devices are smaller and more convenient, but USB ports are generally available only on newer PCs (purchased since about 1999-2000 or more recently).

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Category: Spader Business Management Products
Price: $615.00
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